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Dental emergencies can happen anytime, but at Bruce M. Doyle, D.M.D, we offer dental emergency services to treat you for your pain and discomfort. In many cases, we are able to call our patients back immediately or the next morning to provide options that help protect your smile before the initial dental emergency service appointment. Our Stoneham dentists and team wish to provide care to prevent any further damage to your smile.  

Emergency Dental Services in Stoneham, MA

Dr. Doyle and our professional staff are here to assess the reasons behind the result of the tooth becoming damaged, such as painful discomfort that is induced while chewing and eating. We care about your comfort and treat a number of different emergency dental problems such as:

Chipped tooth - If your tooth has a major chip, or has been broken severely, bacteria may enter the inner tooth chambers and create an infection. If you have a broken or chipped tooth, it is important to seek immediate dental care. 

Knocked-out tooth – Our Stoneham emergency dentist can attempt to place your natural tooth back into its original location to avoid use of prosthesis. In order to properly re-insert the tooth, bone volume and the underlying bone stability must be intact. If this unavailable, we offer in-house dental implants to replace the missing tooth. 

Tooth Infection – Teeth pain can be a sign of a dental infection and requires attention to prevent an abscess from forming. Through antibiotics to reduce swelling and to alleviate pain, we make sure we treat your pain and create comfort. Dr. Doyle and our dental team offer root canal treatment depending on your unique circumstances. 

Abscessed tooth – When infection leads to formation of an abscess, where the infection has spread to the tips of the tooth roots, there can be a severe amount of dental pain that requires immediate treatment. While we provide emergency root canals to treat infection, in cases where the tooth cannot be saved, extraction and replacement with dental prosthesis can be provided. 

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Bruce Doyle, DMD and our dental staff provide treatment options to asses your dental emergency, and protect your oral health. We optimize treatment for comfort, oral health status, and the functionality of your smile. Contact our Stoneham dental practice for emergency service information to treat and restore damaged or missing teeth.  

Emergency Care: In the event of an emergency, please call the office. If the office is closed, the recording will tell you how to contact Dr. Doyle. In a serious emergency, go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital and ask that your doctor be contacted.

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