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Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Jul 28 • 1 minute read

Not-so-white white teeth makes many people self-conscious, and with numerous teeth whitening products on the market, it is difficult to determine whether professional teeth whitening is worth the cost. If you’re on the fence, here are some benefits of in-office teeth whitening to consider:

Quick Results

Unlike teeth whitening toothpastes and strips, in-office whitening requires only one visit to attain a brighter aesthetic. Patients are invited to the practice to discuss their desired shade of white and then bleaching treatment is applied. Within a single appointment, patients can achieve whiter smiles as opposed to store-bought options which need consistent application to achieve the same results.

Rapid results make it convenient for those who have major events coming up. Whether you have to attend a wedding or want to make a great first impression on a job interview, professional whitening can help attain the impact you wish to make at any event.

No Need for Regular Maintenance

Whitening teeth at home with products such as tooth pastes, strips, and dedicated mouth washes require long-term treatment to achieve a specific shade. However, once your teeth are shade you desire, you must continuously use these products as upkeep. With professional whitening, results can last upwards of six months before more treatment is necessary.

To ensure teeth stay white, either with professional whitening or at-home products, be mindful of the amount of dark liquids such as coffee, tea, and sodas you consumer. These greatly impact the longevity of your brightened smile.

Tailored Treatment

Over-the-counter whitening agents or trays are not custom made for comfortable use or to achieve your desired shade level. Ill-fitting trays or strips can place whitening agent onto your gums and lips, causing sensitivity in these areas. Professional teeth whitening treatments may come with custom fitted trays to ensure the whitening gel adheres only to the surface of your teeth. Your dentist may recommend a highly fluoridated toothpaste to use two weeks prior to your whitening treatment, as well as a prophy cleaning, to ensure the surface of your teeth is cleaned and protected.

At the practice of Bruce Doyle, D.M.D., we provide professional teeth whitening treatments to patients in Stoneham. Contact our practice today to schedule your next visit. 

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